Wednesday, December 30, 2009

This Man is Everything to Me <3

He is wonderful. This week, work is on shut down for him so he gets his own little vaca! I hope he really embraces it and has a grand time. He deserves it. So far, he has gotten up early with me and made me protein shakes in the morning. He has also warmed up my car and packed my lunch for work. What a man.

Yesterday, he asked me, "Do you feel loved?" I replied, "Yes", with a smile. He responded, "Good, that's how I want you to feel. I replied, "Do you feel loved?" Him: "No." Me: "Good, that's how I want you to feel." LOL! This is the wonder of marriage. I taught him sweetness. He taught me sarcasm. Oh, how he makes me laugh!

Friday, November 20, 2009

First Sight Memory

This moment, I will never ever forget.

My soon-to-be husband was up on the altar, waiting for me. He didn't take his eyes off me and I didn't take mine off of him. He was so cute! He would laugh and then just look at me. A look only I can interpret. It was perfect.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Shall we wed...

My gown is Allure 8524. I love. My dress has been altered a more dramatic sweetheart neckline and more fitted A-line.
Gloves. Yes or no? What says you?
I totally love my brooch! Perhaps my favorite accessory. Custom made by Indulgence Couture.

Beautiful Illusion

I LOVE my DIY veil. Seriously, it's pretty easy. Perhaps, a new addition to my etsy shop???

Made of illusion tulle with a silk rose fascinator.
Totally customized for me, by me.
Inspired by the Sara Gabriel wendy veil.

Lovely Vintage Romantic Invites

So almost all of our invitations are sent. We've received raving reviews so I guess all of my over-analyzing paid off:) I design wedding invitations for a living, but mine had to be just right and over the top! Oh joy!

Printed on 100# Linen Cardstock from The Paper Mill Store. I highly recommend. Get your invitations from my Etsy shop!

Decor Elements

Our wedding is a combination of vintage romance and rustic charm. Our centerpieces consist of a variety of elements. A row of apples lined in long, skinny baskets.

We are also doing wheat and babies breath in square, wooden vases. This is just a preview. The finished product looks much lovelier! Will post more pics later.

...and we will have roses and babys breath in stone vases and floating candles in tall glass vases. Pics to follow.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Perhaps sickness provided the first available time to post to my brand spankin' new blog? I took a sick day today which started out in feverish, couching, and soar throat misery. Feeling better now:) This time of revival also allowed for some wedding planning catch up! {yay} fun stuff!
These are our corsages...

I found these here. Ko and Po are totally awesome! Not to mention, we are dress twins!

Made from organza fabric. Cut into flower shapes of different sizes. Held briefly over candle to "ripple" the edges. Layered. Sewn. Button added. Vwala!

A product of the corsage flower. My very own handmade ring bearer pillow!

Ring Bearer Pillow. check.
Corsages. check.
Boutonnieres. next.
Flower Girl Basket. mom's in charge of that. she's lovin' it too:)

Amidst my sickness, my fiance surprised me today!!! {I always love surprises!} He stopped by after work {unexpectedly} and brought me some movies to keep me busy and relax to. How sweet. Ahhh. The best part was that he was planning on working on his 1968 Ford Mustang. So proud. But he chose me. {For better or for worse, in sickness and in health}.

The goal is to have the beloved classic running by September 26th so we can drive it on our wedding day! Wish him luck;)

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