Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A New Year, A New Baby!

We are so excited for the blessings God will bring us this year! Evie turned 18 months on New Years day and we are expecting our second child on June 26th! Evie has brought us more joy and happiness than we could have ever imagined. She is such a good baby with tons of personality - never a dull moment.

I am 15 weeks today and feeling the baby a lot right now. I actually felt the baby for the first time a couple weeks ago, very early. It seemed to take forever to feel Evie move. This pregnancy, all around, has been much different than my first from morning sickness, fatigue, and weight gain. I'm over it finally, but the sickness was much worse and lasted longer than the two weeks with Evie. I've been so tired this time and take naps for the first time since I was little. Luckily, weight gain has been very minimal. I welcome that! These differences convince us we are having a boy! I would be perfectly happy either way, but I had strong intuition that Evie was a girl so I plan on sticking with my gut this time.

Happy 18 Months to our little "Peach"!

Evie is around 20 lbs and in 12 mo clothes. She's pretty petite! However, she eats nonstop and outdoes me sometimes. Evie is very independent and plays so nice by herself and with other babies. She finally started walking at the beginning of December! She sleeps great and takes at least one nap everyday. Her little tricks and quirks keep us laughing and entertained. Evie folds her arms, plays harmonica with Daddy (she blows and shakes her head at the same time, adorable!), she flirts with everyone, loves her babies and patting their bottoms, gives lots of kisses and hugs, blows her food when it's hot, folds her hands to pray, blows kisses to everyone she loves, including Jesus. We pray with her every night and just today, she folded her hands to pray as I laid her down for her nap. So precious! She melts me.
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