Saturday, August 28, 2010

{Falling from Summer}

I'm really enjoying these last days of summer as the weather cools down in Ohio. I love fall - one of my favorite seasons! But, it leaves me holding on to elements of summer that I will miss...


Happy weekend:)

{Pretty Features} Blustarfruit Handmade Jewelry

I came across this beautiful shop, Blustarfruit Handmade Jewelry. She has the most gorgeous victorian style pieces...I only wish I had found her while planning my own wedding!

Some of her pieces really remind me of my vintage brooch that I wore at my wedding!

Check her out!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I've been included in quite a few Etsy Treasuries and wanted to try one myself. It's very fun choosing a theme and finding so many beautiful items to collaborate with!

Here are some I have been featured in:

And here is my Treasury. You can check it out here:

what a whimsical wedding SOUNDS like

Also, I'm sure you've blog has undergone a makeover! What do you think?

Thursday, August 12, 2010

{Whimsy & Romance}

I'm so excited to debut my latest design! 

Sheet Music and Piano Keys Layered Wedding Programs

This wedding program is truly one of a kind! It is beautiful, romantic and whimsical!

It measures 4" x 8”, total and constructed of five sheets of card stock and layered for this musical effect!

Cover page measures 4" x 5.
Reception Info page measures 4" x 5.75.
The Ceremony page measures 4" x 6.5.
The Wedding Party page measures 4" x 7.25.
Special Thanks page measures 4" x 8.

I had so much fun designing this!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

{A Look Inside}

Here is a mini tour of our home. While just having a baby a month ago and moving in only two months ago, we have so much decorating and renovating to do! I have a long list of projects to transform our house, but here is a peak inside:)

We have amazing large doorways that really open up the house. This is the living room. I have a couple pieces of furniture that I want to shabby chic, the chair in right corner and the end table on the left. We are also in need of much furniture to fill our home.

The dining room is awesome and large enough for guests and a growing family. You can catch a glimpse of the ugly green cabinets in the kitchen. I have big plans for those, using textured wallpaper! More on that to come later!

This is my FAVORITE room - my office:) It has fabulous wainscoting! I have had friends and family describe this room as something from the current "Pride & Prejudice" movie and a ballroom. The entire house is also decked out in antique lighting and door knobs.

This is my little corner workspace. I have big plans to transform it in the future with a much much larger desk and lots of storage!

I LOVE these double doors from the office into the dining room. It allows lots of privacy when I need to focus on work and the kiddos are being too noisy...that will be quite a few years down the road though:)

Saturday, August 7, 2010

{Evelyn's Birth Announcement}

Evelyn is growing! She's is so much fun and I can't believe one month, plus one week has already passed! Matt and I continue to fall in love with her even more each day. She has captured our hearts!

I had a blast designing her birth announcements and family and friends enjoyed them just as much.

You can order your baby's birth announcement on my Etsy shop!

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