Saturday, May 28, 2011

Pretty Chic Lace Business Cards

Business cards are essential for businesses so why not make them stand out? I designed these pretty little cards for my shop and really wanted them to reflect my branding, as well as stand outside from the rest.

Pretty Chic Lace Custom Business Cards - 50

Pretty Chic Lace Custom Business Cards - 50

Pretty Chic Lace Custom Business Cards - 50

Days Gone Design offers custom business cards, whether you are looking for a similar style or something completely different. Compliment your branding in style.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Timeless Wedding Details

Unwavering antique details add stunning touches to your vintage wedding. I'm a sucker for lush and intricate details shown in these photos.

Antique or antique style lace and embellishments add just the touch to get that timeless glamor appeal. Jaws will drop and your style will be remembered.

I am loving this idea of photographing the bride with a hand mirror or wall mirror. I think to see the bride's actual reflection would really add dimension to your photos.

This creamy and lush bouquet has it all. The grouping of soft blooms, lace and final touch of the brooch make these pretty petals just right.

 Ruffles of lace and beautiful cutout back flow gracefully and would make the vintage bride quite a knock-out.

Oh to plan our wedding all over again! These style ideas would be some definite top contenders.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Mouse Spider and Other Summer Fun

Summer is nearly upon us and along with the joys of cookouts, vacations, and warm weather, we also have the potential risk of receiving visits from unwanted intruders. I don't mean your husband's relatives, but rather the threat of critters with eight legs. You may be asking yourself: Is there such a thing as a mouse spider? Honestly I'm not sure, but that is the name I've attributed to the invader I found in my home the other day.
I was sitting on my couch, minding my own business, when suddenly I caught a glimpse of a dark object scurrying across the floor in the next room. My immediate reaction based on the size of the creature was MOUSE!!! However, upon further investigation, I discovered this was no mouse, but the biggest spider ever to have the audacity to invade my home! Now one thing you must understand is that I have a severe dislike--no, hatred, for spiders. The thought of them gives me shivers up my spine and gives me that prickly feeling on the back of my neck. As the thoughts of how to either kill or trap this uninvited guest scrambled through my head, the intruder evaded capture by hiding itself under my desk. I searched for it, but to no avail.
Later that evening I told my husband about this massive critter, but I couldn't help but feel that he just didn't understand how horrific this spider was. Based on the half smile and unbelieving chuckle he gave me, I believe he really thought I was exaggerating!
The next evening my mom came over to watch our daughter, Isabelle, while my husband and I went out. When we returned, my mom exclaimed that she had killed the biggest spider ever!! "Ha!" I said to my husband, "See, I wasn't exaggerating!" My poor mother hates spiders as much as I do so I felt for her. She said it was so big she didn't know if she could handle killing it. I'll spare you the gruesome details, but it wasn't a pretty death. This spider came to its unfortunate demise, but it's possible it had friends who would not think twice about finding dwelling in my house. I share this story as a warning to all of you to be on watch for these unwanted visitors. Summer is fun, but it can be deadly. Well for spiders anyway.
On a lighter note, if your husband's relatives are planning to drop in for a cookout, be ready to impress them with these DIY cocktail umbrellas found on from the June issue of Country Living magazine. If your husband's relatives are anything like mine, you may be needing a cocktail by the time the weekend is through!
And to keep the kids happy, here's a cute idea for a DIY beehive pinata. Also found on from Country Living magazine, this adorable project can be done for around $10!

Friday, May 20, 2011


Hi! I'm Kristi, Nikki's younger sister and new employee. I am also a wife to my loving husband, Joe, and a mother to my sweet baby girl, Isabelle!

I have been working with Nikki for just a little while now, helping her with tax preparation and other incredibly facinating financial stuff. But now that tax season is past, she has promoted me to blogger! I am very new to blogging so we'll see if I have any super blogging skills waiting to emerge from down deep!

Nikki suggested I start by checking out other blogs and wedding websites for inspiration. I did as the boss said and I came across this wedding favor on

If you're a coffee lover and looking for the perfect favor for your guests, this is it! I think it's such a cute and creative DIY favor that wedding guests would love! Check it out on and they show you everything you need to make these yourself! And they suggest that since not everyone loves coffee (to each there own, I guess), you can do the same type favor with tea bags.

If time is an issue or you're craving a custom tag, visit to have us create a favor tag just for you! We can help you make your favors a reflection of your own unique style! Even if coffee bag favors just aren't your thing, we can make custom favor tags for any sassy or sophisticated favor idea you can think of!

As long as Nikki doesn't fire me after reading this post, I hope you'll be hearing more from me soon!

A marriage proposal that will make the movies jealous

Love this proposal! Totally original and so sweet. You will laugh, cry and try to figure out how he pulled this off...

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Write Notes

Handwritten notes are so special and an excellent way to send affection. Here are a my newest stationery items in my shop.

Writings with lines of chirps to sing your message.

Sundae inspired stationery for a fun little treat.

Chic Designer stationery with a boutique look, featuring a post card style.

View all of my stationery here.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Music Share

Coffee Shop by Landon Pigg

Loving You Tonight by Andrew Allen

Love Never Fails by Brandon Heath

This one may be my new favorite song. Love it! 

My fella and I danced to Pieces by Red for our first dance. I love that it can be related to both God and each other. Versatile, pretty, and unordinary. 

What song did you play at your wedding or dream of dancing to with your future betrothed? I'd love to hear them!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Old made New

 {via The Kitchn}

My fella and I plan to transform an old dresser to add more counter space and storage to our kitchen. I just adore this idea! The styles and options are endless. It's an economical and creative way to add fabulous elements to your spaces.

Have a lovely weekend! I will be off faux painting with my sister at her home tomorrow and then doing some drawings for a friend's Bible school. Perhaps a girls night out later on...if we're lucky. What are your plans?
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