Tuesday, March 22, 2011

{2nd Place Winner on The Lovelies!}

My shop won 2nd place in the Paper Goods category! I'm pretty stoked! Thank you so much to all who voted!

It's been  f o r e v e r  since I have posted. This is all simply due to the fact that I have been SWAMPED! It's so great to see this little business growing. However, that just means that certain things lack. 

We are so busy, and I do mean we. We, as in, my sister and I! I have hired my best friend in the world (aside from my husband) to help me with business. This is a dream to come true! Right now she is working one day a week and focusing on getting me organized to file taxes...ugh! Thank God she loves spreadsheets. I detest this sort of work. She, on the other hand, can do everything I can not. We make an excellent team in everything we do. So, that's a little peak into what is to come. I will write an introduction post all about Kristi. You will actually be lucky enough to meet her soon (once she finishes the dreaded tax task)! She will then begin posting a couple times a week to keep you all updated on whats going on with Days Gone Design and more!
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