Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Home Sweet Home? YES!!!

Remember me mentioning our dream home in this post? We are buying it! Ahhh, what a sigh of relief it is to finally be able to say that! After 2+ years of hopelessly searching for a house, we have found it and God is making it ours:) We cannot get over how completely BLESSED we are! God has given so very much to us and we cannot believe it's true! We are completely thankful to Him. We cannot stop smiling and day dreaming about our new home and picturing ourselves living there and making it our own. I can visualize our babies playing in the yard while I plant flowers or work on a painting. I have dreamed up my workspace and the baby's room. We are uber thrilled! Matt is totally delighted in his barns and 3 car garage:) I am so happy that both of us have found our hopes in one place. A place we will call "home" for years and years to come.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Knock Off Wood

I heard about this blog and loved the idea of building our own furtiture! What a great way to be creative and save money! I think I could manage this challenge if I could have someone cut the wood for me (perhaps after the baby is born):) I'm pretty sure I can accomplish anything I put my mind to and if all the people who comment can do it, surely I can too.

I esp. love this...



and def this!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Half Way There

We are half way to the finish line! In 20 more weeks, we get to meet our new little baby!!! Our ultrasound went great and was so so amazing to see our little one moving around inside me!

You might be able to recognize a little fist near the top:)

Here, you can see where they are measuring the femur bone in the leg and the arm with the little fist.

Finally, you can see our baby's chin hanging lower in this photo. He/she was chewing! That was cool!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Baby Bedding

I just cannot get enough of etsy! Seriously, the best place ever for creative and picky shoppers and creators. I have searched relentlessly for baby bedding. Of course, I wanted something different and vintagey. Even when I have come close to finding something in pale ivory, yellow and beige colors with a ruffled skirt and a little lace, I would have to pay an enormous amount. I requested a custom made item on Alchemy on Etsy and found the perfect gal to create just what I envision! Max&Meena may be just as excited as I am! She rushed right over to the fabric store last night to get some material samples for me and is planning on starting immediately on my baby's bedding:) I'm pretty sure she had a better idea of what I wanted that I did myself!

Speaking of Etsy, I just made a sale today! The quickest sale yet. The bride contacted me last night, I made the requested adjustments to one of my designs and she purchased! Easy as cake. Happy bride. Happy designer.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Vintage Eggplant Wedding

I have been having the most exciting time with one of my brides. She is thrilled with every design I do for her! We have super similar styles and she is so easy to please. I can't get over her enthusiasm and it just makes me giddy to do my job! She had me alter the colors and some design elements of a design that is very similar to Matt's and my invitations.

I also did a custom drawn map for her and will do response cards and programs. Love her style and she's keeping me delightfully busy! God is so good to me:)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Baby Room Theme

I have a giraffe fetish. Needless to say, giraffes will be included in the baby room theme. I didn't want it to be purely giraffes, because I have always loved the softness of sheep and cuteness of ducks for baby. While shopping with my mom this past Christmas, we spotted this perfect inspiration!

I will use this as a base to paint a mural on the walls. I'm also a sucker for victorian antiques and I have a tendency to combine a lot of ideas that wouldn't normally sound like they go together. However, I pulled this off for our wedding so I'm confident I can achieve the same for our baby.

I really wish I lived back in the day when momma's strolled around town in those beautiful old baby carriages! I'm so temped to seriously use one, but I really don't care to have people look at me strangely. So, perhaps I will just include one in the decor (if I can find one).

I have dreams of taking my babe on walks every day. Hopefully, I am able to accomplish this (I'll just imagine my stroller is a lovely baby carriage):)

Baby Moves

Finally! I can feel my baby! I've waited for what seems like forever for this. This brings me to a whole new level of feeling the connection with this little life. I'm also showing a little now, so I am now experiencing what it feels like to be pregnant! We will also be having our first ultrasound on Saturday! Wonderfully exciting things are happening:)

Also, happy Ash Wednesday! I love this time of sacrificial penances to bring me that much closer to God. Expecting a baby has changed my perspective this year with lent. It makes me feel even closer to Him. We have a common love for this little life and we are on the same team, with the same goal. To grow this baby to know, love and serve Him. I feel I am preparing for the return of the Lord, but also for the coming of our baby. I need to spiritually prepare myself for both.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

New Logo Edits

Thank you, Katie!

My Valentine

I was looking for something simple and thoughtful for my love this Valentine's Day.

I came across these perfect and personalized bookmarks by TAGLineDesigns...

I am going to give it to Matt to use in his Bible. He reads it often and I love that about him. I will show you once it's finished! Get yours here:)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Kevin Day Construction LLC

This is my lastest project. It just so happens to be for my brother. He has a very successful masonry/construction business and employs my other 3 brothers. They do excellent work! I am in the process of designing a new logo for the business and will soon design a website as well.

I began with a few basic logos to give him some ideas.

He really wanted to have an illustrated construction worker laying brick included in the design. So, I drew one up...

I then digitally colored it and added it to some of the logos.


He's having a difficult time deciding:)
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