Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Baby Room Theme

I have a giraffe fetish. Needless to say, giraffes will be included in the baby room theme. I didn't want it to be purely giraffes, because I have always loved the softness of sheep and cuteness of ducks for baby. While shopping with my mom this past Christmas, we spotted this perfect inspiration!

I will use this as a base to paint a mural on the walls. I'm also a sucker for victorian antiques and I have a tendency to combine a lot of ideas that wouldn't normally sound like they go together. However, I pulled this off for our wedding so I'm confident I can achieve the same for our baby.

I really wish I lived back in the day when momma's strolled around town in those beautiful old baby carriages! I'm so temped to seriously use one, but I really don't care to have people look at me strangely. So, perhaps I will just include one in the decor (if I can find one).

I have dreams of taking my babe on walks every day. Hopefully, I am able to accomplish this (I'll just imagine my stroller is a lovely baby carriage):)

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