Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Home Sweet Home? YES!!!

Remember me mentioning our dream home in this post? We are buying it! Ahhh, what a sigh of relief it is to finally be able to say that! After 2+ years of hopelessly searching for a house, we have found it and God is making it ours:) We cannot get over how completely BLESSED we are! God has given so very much to us and we cannot believe it's true! We are completely thankful to Him. We cannot stop smiling and day dreaming about our new home and picturing ourselves living there and making it our own. I can visualize our babies playing in the yard while I plant flowers or work on a painting. I have dreamed up my workspace and the baby's room. We are uber thrilled! Matt is totally delighted in his barns and 3 car garage:) I am so happy that both of us have found our hopes in one place. A place we will call "home" for years and years to come.


  1. Yay!!! Congratulations! I'm so happy that you two have found a place to make your own :D

  2. hey! i'm so glad that my post on my favorite first year baby gear was helpful to you!! i know i wish that i had some guidance through that time haha. check back and read the comments some of them have good ideas too!

    congratulations on your home buying adventure!!!!!! so exciting! we are in the middle of selling ours..flipping it actually. and then moving out of the city more closer to work. always fun when you have a whole new place to decorate. hehe.

  3. Yes! So helpful, Natalie! It's really given me the push to get it started. I will def have to check out all the comments.

    Thank you:) We couldn't feel more blessed to be buying this house! It's perfect. Good luck on selling your house! It't not the greatest time to be selling, but if God could pull through for us and our pickiness, I KNOW He can work it for you too!


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