Friday, February 19, 2010

Baby Bedding

I just cannot get enough of etsy! Seriously, the best place ever for creative and picky shoppers and creators. I have searched relentlessly for baby bedding. Of course, I wanted something different and vintagey. Even when I have come close to finding something in pale ivory, yellow and beige colors with a ruffled skirt and a little lace, I would have to pay an enormous amount. I requested a custom made item on Alchemy on Etsy and found the perfect gal to create just what I envision! Max&Meena may be just as excited as I am! She rushed right over to the fabric store last night to get some material samples for me and is planning on starting immediately on my baby's bedding:) I'm pretty sure she had a better idea of what I wanted that I did myself!

Speaking of Etsy, I just made a sale today! The quickest sale yet. The bride contacted me last night, I made the requested adjustments to one of my designs and she purchased! Easy as cake. Happy bride. Happy designer.

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