Monday, February 22, 2010

Half Way There

We are half way to the finish line! In 20 more weeks, we get to meet our new little baby!!! Our ultrasound went great and was so so amazing to see our little one moving around inside me!

You might be able to recognize a little fist near the top:)

Here, you can see where they are measuring the femur bone in the leg and the arm with the little fist.

Finally, you can see our baby's chin hanging lower in this photo. He/she was chewing! That was cool!


  1. Happy to meet you, Baby Atterholt!

    I wonder, did the doctor or midwife suggest whether his/her chewing is an indication of future appetite? :)


  2. Haha! Thank you, Laura! They didn't mention the potential appetite, but they did say that if we wanted to know the sex, they could easily tell...makes me wonder if I'm wrong about it being a girl???


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