Thursday, December 23, 2010

{Be Merry}

 Merry Christmas! We wish you a joyous holiday as we celebrate the birth of our Savior!

Thursday, December 9, 2010


So my mister calls me up on the telly just to tell me how much he appreciates me and loves me. He tells me he knows how busy I have been with Christmas shopping and prep and that he hasn't been much help. Love it! It just puts an extra jump in my step today!

New to my shop!

I completely enjoyed working with my client on her save the dates and wedding invitations. There are programs and thank you notes yet to come! Cassie is the absolute sweetest and her enthusiasm makes me love what I do even more!


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

{Christmas Sale going on now!}

For the entire month of December, enjoy 10% off your $100 Storybook Photo Album Deposit!!!
Just enter STORYBOOK10 at checkout.

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I have been busier than ever, working on projects and pretty much living at my computer! I am finishing up Christmas Cards for my family and a Storybook Wedding Album for a gal in the UK, and business cards for this talented chick, among many ongoing Wedding Invitation Packages.

Dunne Storybook Wedding Album

Days Gone Design will soon be offering stationery for immediate purchase! Customized stationery is always available as well.

A little update on Evie:
Evelyn is 5 months today! I cannot believe it. Time is going much too fast and I'm just trying to take in all the adorable little moments:) Evelyn started rolling over when she was just over 3 months, continues to roll and even scoots a little now. She's still in size 1 diapers, weighs about 13 lbs. or so, and is really long (she gets that from her daddy). Evie loves playing with her toy rings or anything she can get in her mouth:) She finds daddy totally hilarious, esp when he does jumping jacks! Evie loves her headbands (she told me so) and rarely leaves the house without one! To most of the world, she may appear bald, but we can see the peach fuzz that stands straight up on her sweet head:) She (usually) eats and sleeps like a champ. Some say we are in for a treat when # two comes along! She's our little rock star:)

Saturday, November 27, 2010

{Gorgeously Vintage}

So while doing some online Christmas shopping, I came across some of the most gorgeous items! I want to shop for myself:) 

I want everything in this shop!

 {via sweetsimple}

This is super pretty and romantic! Maybe I can hint a little to my hubby:)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

{Amazon Mom}

Save with Amazon Mom!

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Monday, November 22, 2010

{In Honor Of Design Sponsorship}

I'm thrilled to announce that I am now sponsoring on the In Honor Of Design blog! Anna is such a sweetheart and super talented! She is gifted in so many areas, from fashion and accessories to design and inspiration boards. Anna has it all and gives all the glory to God. She's amazing. Go check out my ad and all this blog has to offer!

Also, check out her Etsy shop filled with adorable items for girls and beautiful accessories for women too! I have purchased a few things from her for Evie and LOVE them all. Everything is so affordable and very well made!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

{Hubbs is getting}

Gotta love him! My husband. His 26th birthday is today! When I first met him 7 years ago, he was such a little boy and I remember wanting him to grow up, I can't slow him down! Matt aspires to be an old man. Seriously! He thinks old guys are the greatest. They can say, do and dress however they like and no one can do anything about it! I love him:) 

Happy Birthday sweetheart! You are everything I have ever wanted and more...

 You are goofy when I need a laugh.

Dashing and handsom always:)

The BEST husband a girl could ever ask for.

The proudest and sweetest daddy. (He's wrapped!)

Here's to you!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

{ N E W designs}

I have been on a roll lately! Just inspiration everywhere and I can't get all the ideas out of my head. I think I'm driving my husband nuts! ...I admit, I'm a little obsessed but I just love my business:) ...and there's still more to come!

I drew the tree a while back and used it on a much simpler wedding design. I found it to be rather boring and not my style at all. Then, all of a sudden, my head filled with a rustic and romantic idea for it! I have always had a weak spot for tree swings, climbing trees and carving our names in trees. Actually, my wedding gift from Matt was a big wooden tree swing...still not complete from a lack of tools, so he say;)

Another passion - lace! I  l o v e  lace! There is nothing out there quite like this. It's super romantic and french inspired.

Who doesn't go weak in the knees by Mr. Darcy! This invite is inspired by the hand written letters in old books like Pride & Prejudice.

Swirls, filigree and vintage appeal. This design has it all!

Check out these latest items at my shop!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

{Chuck Taylors}

Chuck Taylors are a must in our little family. When I first met my husband, they were one of his staples {chuck taylors are to matt like high heels are to me}. He always wore his chucks..even when we went canoeing! I honestly hated his shoes at first! But then they kinda grew on me and now whenever he teases that he'll stop wearing them, I kinda freak out. Ha! 

  {Matt and his cute!..have I mentioned Matt grew up on a dairy farm??}

 {Younger Matt on his birthday}

(Our Wedding. photo via Erika's Expressions}

Little Evie is 2 months old today!!! WOW! Time flies. I'm loving every day and every moment I spend with my baby girl. She is such a doll baby and sweetheart! She smiles all the time now and my absolute favorite moments are when Matt, Evie and I are all together just soaking it all in. Precious. I feel so absolutely blessed! Evelyn is about 9 or so lbs {we'll find out her exact weight on Friday}...and still in newborn diapers!!! She's a little gal:) She's become very curious and loves looking around! Evie is a great eater and sleeper...yes, I'm a lucky mama!

I believe it's time Evie has a pair of her own tiny shoes and what better than Chuck Taylors!??

{via dara43}

How adorable can they be???

Saturday, August 28, 2010

{Falling from Summer}

I'm really enjoying these last days of summer as the weather cools down in Ohio. I love fall - one of my favorite seasons! But, it leaves me holding on to elements of summer that I will miss...


Happy weekend:)

{Pretty Features} Blustarfruit Handmade Jewelry

I came across this beautiful shop, Blustarfruit Handmade Jewelry. She has the most gorgeous victorian style pieces...I only wish I had found her while planning my own wedding!

Some of her pieces really remind me of my vintage brooch that I wore at my wedding!

Check her out!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I've been included in quite a few Etsy Treasuries and wanted to try one myself. It's very fun choosing a theme and finding so many beautiful items to collaborate with!

Here are some I have been featured in:

And here is my Treasury. You can check it out here:

what a whimsical wedding SOUNDS like

Also, I'm sure you've blog has undergone a makeover! What do you think?

Thursday, August 12, 2010

{Whimsy & Romance}

I'm so excited to debut my latest design! 

Sheet Music and Piano Keys Layered Wedding Programs

This wedding program is truly one of a kind! It is beautiful, romantic and whimsical!

It measures 4" x 8”, total and constructed of five sheets of card stock and layered for this musical effect!

Cover page measures 4" x 5.
Reception Info page measures 4" x 5.75.
The Ceremony page measures 4" x 6.5.
The Wedding Party page measures 4" x 7.25.
Special Thanks page measures 4" x 8.

I had so much fun designing this!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

{A Look Inside}

Here is a mini tour of our home. While just having a baby a month ago and moving in only two months ago, we have so much decorating and renovating to do! I have a long list of projects to transform our house, but here is a peak inside:)

We have amazing large doorways that really open up the house. This is the living room. I have a couple pieces of furniture that I want to shabby chic, the chair in right corner and the end table on the left. We are also in need of much furniture to fill our home.

The dining room is awesome and large enough for guests and a growing family. You can catch a glimpse of the ugly green cabinets in the kitchen. I have big plans for those, using textured wallpaper! More on that to come later!

This is my FAVORITE room - my office:) It has fabulous wainscoting! I have had friends and family describe this room as something from the current "Pride & Prejudice" movie and a ballroom. The entire house is also decked out in antique lighting and door knobs.

This is my little corner workspace. I have big plans to transform it in the future with a much much larger desk and lots of storage!

I LOVE these double doors from the office into the dining room. It allows lots of privacy when I need to focus on work and the kiddos are being too noisy...that will be quite a few years down the road though:)

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