Wednesday, September 1, 2010

{Chuck Taylors}

Chuck Taylors are a must in our little family. When I first met my husband, they were one of his staples {chuck taylors are to matt like high heels are to me}. He always wore his chucks..even when we went canoeing! I honestly hated his shoes at first! But then they kinda grew on me and now whenever he teases that he'll stop wearing them, I kinda freak out. Ha! 

  {Matt and his cute!..have I mentioned Matt grew up on a dairy farm??}

 {Younger Matt on his birthday}

(Our Wedding. photo via Erika's Expressions}

Little Evie is 2 months old today!!! WOW! Time flies. I'm loving every day and every moment I spend with my baby girl. She is such a doll baby and sweetheart! She smiles all the time now and my absolute favorite moments are when Matt, Evie and I are all together just soaking it all in. Precious. I feel so absolutely blessed! Evelyn is about 9 or so lbs {we'll find out her exact weight on Friday}...and still in newborn diapers!!! She's a little gal:) She's become very curious and loves looking around! Evie is a great eater and sleeper...yes, I'm a lucky mama!

I believe it's time Evie has a pair of her own tiny shoes and what better than Chuck Taylors!??

{via dara43}

How adorable can they be???


  1. there is nothing cuter than baby shoes!! and whata cute name...Evie :)

  2. Amazingly cute! And I love that wedding photo of yours! xo


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