Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I have discovered this blog! Lindsay is such an inspiration. I only hope that one day when I have 6 babies to care for, I can see God's Hand in my simple daily tasks as well as Lindsay does.

This post, in particular, left me in tears and reassured of my God-given vocation...

my plan...His plan

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Logo Design

This is my latest project. It's for a business on Etsy. This gal is amazing and has requested a custom logo design and business cards and such to go with. Mine hasn't been chosen yet, but it was definitely a fun project!

Vintage Style Brooch

This brooch is one of my favorite details of the wedding. I had this totally custom made by Indulgence Couture on Etsy. She was amazing to work with! She allowed me to make alterations to her design in Photoshop because I was way picky and she was totally accomodating. I had searched everywhere for a good sized brooch and only found them to be highly expensive (at least $100!). She was so gracious to charge the fair price of $40. I highly recommend Indulgence Couture for your own custom made brooch or other jewelry.

It's even more lovely in person <3.

Home Sweet Home?

Matt and I have our eye on this home...

and our hearts are somewhat set on it. The owners go to Matt's church so we have an extra good chance. We are relying on them accepting a price much lower than what they are asking.

This is my love. Just look at the beautiful woodwork and detail!

This is Matt's. He was beeming when he returned to the house after looking at this incredible barn.

Wish us luck:)

Friday, January 8, 2010


Here are some nifty websites to get great stock images, Photoshop brushes, vector shapes and fonts for free! These are my favorite go-to sites for designing. Hopefully, you can get just as much use out of them as I have:)

What are your favorite resource sites?

Wedding Centerpieces

Here is a wedding recap of our table decorations. I had a combination of design elements, simply because I couldn't decide:) One of my favorite details was the table runners. It's wallpaper! Seriously budget-friendly and completely lovely.

We ordered wholesale flowers from Allisten Manor Flower Box out of Piqua, Oh. We were able to get these gorgeous roses for less than $1 a piece! What a deal! They were awesome to work with and I will definitely go back again. My amazing bridesmaids and friends helped me put together the bouquets the day before the wedding.

The wheat actually came straight from my dad's field. I think he was pretty proud of that and I was very grateful to him for a fallish, rustic decoration for free!

I got my inspiration for these place cards from Timeless Paper and other web searching.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Rythm of the Beat

We heard the baby's heartbeat for the first time yesterday! How to explain the feelings that come with that? Is it even possible to to do so? I was wowed. I mean, there was this tiny little glimmer of doubt in me at times. I would have to ask myself, am I really pregnant? Obviously, morning sickness, bloating, and all that lovely stuff were sure signs and I especially hoped that I wasn't simply gaining weight! There is just something so mind blowing about hearing that little thumping and it finally becoming REAL! I couldn't stop giggling (making it difficult for our doctor to keep track of our little guy or gal) and you should have seen Matt's huge grin! So adorable. I love seeing him so excited.

By the way, the heart rate was 140:) Try guessing the sex around that one!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

In Business

The goal is to free myself from my office job so that I can eventually be a stay-at-home mom. I am currently in graphic design and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it...however, I work best alone:)

In hopes to accomplish my own design business, I have designed a website and have an Etsy shop! Yay! I have been highly motivated as I want to ensure that the at-home transition runs smoothly. I can not bare to leave my little one or imagine ceasing to design. Who says I can't have both?

Wish me luck:)

Here's my new website!

Sample of designs:

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