Wednesday, May 12, 2010


In an attempt to save lots of money, we are trying our best to not buy new furniture. I'm finding it a lot more satisfying to find great deals at garage sales, Craigslist and freebees from fam and friends. We have quite a few diy projects we are working on. One I have been researching is slipcovers. I found this incredibly helpful blog! Pink and Polka Dot is a slipcover queen. I found her through this blog post from The Nester. Another super cute blog!

These look so fresh and clean and shabby chic! I LOVE white, but I'm also considering buying my cotton duck in a muted yellow.

I'm seriously thinking about purchasing the Ebook for $10. Lazy Girl's Guide to Making a Slipcover:) I like the name alone!

There are so many helpful hints on Pink and Polka Dot. Pictures, comments, etc. I am inspired!

Here is an easy tutorial for covering a chair.


I'm super excited to start my own!


  1. i'm all about using what you have and making it work!!!

  2. ooohhh, the butter yellow will look gorgeous! just send me a pic when you're done! i'm with carissa! use what you have first and see how it goes before buying fabric! good luck and email me with any questions!

  3. wow you are gutsy! i can make a pillow cover or two but i am way intimidated by slipcovers. can't wait to see how yours turn out!


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