Friday, February 4, 2011

{Apple Saucy Fun}

This adorable hat was a gift from Evie's great Aunt Lisa. It was handmade by her mom. We love it, Lisa! Thank you!

Little Evie is now 7 months old and busier than ever! She is so curious and loves playing with mommy's phone and random dials are her new trick:) She now has little chompers! Her 2 bottom teeth came in last week but it's not helping her eating situation. Evie loves everything to be in her mouth...except for food, besides crackers and cheerios, that is. One food she particularly despises is apple sauce!

As mentioned here, the Dunne Storybook Wedding Album is complete! It looks stunning with the help of the beautiful photos of Kristy and Nicholas. You can get your very own storybook from my shop!


  1. Oh my gosh she couldn't be any cuter! What a sweetheart!

    The album is gorgeous! I am working on one for my husband right now:)

  2. Aww your baby is absolutely ADORABLE!

  3. awww how cute is little Evie! that hat looks adorable on her..

    and I'm loving your new album, it looks stunning indeed!!

  4. i LOVE that little face in the second photo! also, always have adored the name evelyn. good call!

    darling blog, btw. :)

  5. Your little girl is absolutely beautiful! You must be the proudest mama in the world.
    Such a cute wee hat!


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