Friday, July 8, 2011

A Yellow Giraffe in a Pink Ruffle Tutu

We had lots of birthday fun here last weekend! Evie was all decked out in her pink ruffle tutu. I planned on making her a fabric crown inspired by this...maybe next year! 

I did have lots of fun planning and had some help and great inspiration from Leah of My Bride's Aide. She recently opened her event planning business so I thought I would take advantage of her expertise. She gave me the idea for these fabulous paper flowers. 

I am not a cake baker but I had lots of luck with this one! The last stacked cake I made was for my husband's birthday and ended up sinking in the middle and falling apart. This cake was Evie's cake :) It is 2 6" cakes. The icing is homemade buttercream frosting. The ruffles were actually very easy! I watched this video first.

For the guest cake, I made a cream cheese frosting (delicious!) on 2 9" cakes. I used the remaining frosting for the cupcakes.

I found this amazing shabby chic tier stand for about $40 on Amazon. LOVE it! I can use it for other parties and so much more.

The white picture frame was a $2 garage sale find, painted and distressed by me.

The ruffle was super fun to make! I found pink cotton fabric at JoAnn's. I first sewed pieces together and then gathered manually by sewing machine. I tried another zigzag gathering tutorial first, but somehow the entire ruffle came out:(

Evie's party invitations were my first project for the party. I think I started them when she was only 3 months old! The rest of the planning was inspired by this.

 I had plans for pompops and a more elaborate banner, but ran out of time.

LOVE these striped straws! I found them at various Etsy shops and others, but they are cheaper on Amazon.

Evie received LOTS of fun new toys!

This chalkboard from Spell it with Style is awesome! We are using it in our kitchen now.

 Kristi was an amazing help once the party started. I would turn around to go do something and she already had it done! She didn't even make me pay her that day:)

We had tons of fun and Evie did a great job!

Yep, we're proud:)


  1. Um gorgeous. First things first: I love your hair. 2nd, your girl is a beauty!!! Can't believe she's 1. The party is stunning and I adore it to pieces. The vintage cupcake holder is fab. The cake is fantastic. You rocked this one, momma!

  2. So adorbale!!! Love the theme--the cup cake tower and the thank yous! So Sweet!=)

  3. The designs are really very attractive.I also like to do this type of designs in my free time.The photos are also very cute.

  4. What a beautiful, sweet party!
    Your ruffle cake looks delicious, and I love the color palette you chose. Don't you just love planning a party for a little girl? So much fun!
    Thank you for your sweet comment about my handmade flowergirl "basket." I appreciate your kind words.

    Enjoy that sweet little girl of yours,


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