Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I have such a love for drawing, so I always enjoy the motivation to actually do it when I get a request for one! A good family friend asked me to draw this portrait of their daughter and her fiance for their upcoming southern wedding in May. They are a beautiful couple so it was so fun to capture that.

You can view more samples of artwork at my Etsy shop.

I must say, staying at home is magical! I adore it. I have never been so motivated to get up in the morning. Some mornings, I get so excited to start the day, I can't even make myself sleep in, lol! This is t o t a l l y new for me:) It's amazing to have the opportunity to work toward my own personal goals and agenda {God's too, I hope}. I LOVE what I do! I think the husband is really enjoying me running some of his errands for him and having dinner ready {or close} when he arrives home. He really likes his food:)


  1. This is quite lovely, Nikki. Great job! I'm glad that you are enjoying being at home so much and I'm so happy that you have this opportunity to do what you love!

  2. Thanks so much for your comment! I really appreciate your insight on the whole being ready for pregnancy gives me hope that I won't be a scaredy cat forever. That's a really nice drawing too. You really captured their emotions. I've been admiring sketches lately.

  3. enjoy your free time while you can! ; ) things are going to be mighty busy for the both of us very soon! but, wow, is it ever exciting!!!

    you are an amazing artist. this is spectacular!


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