Monday, April 26, 2010

{Pages Turning}

This invitation package turned out incredibly well! It's so beautiful and unique and I had a blast designing it.

I love the idea of including the couple's first dance lyrics in the invitation!

Our baby bedding has finally arrived! Max&Meena did such an amazing job on our beautiful vintage style bedding! I'm so excited to find a crib to dress up!

I just have to show off the incredible invitations that my mom designed for my upcoming baby shower!!! I was floored! She is incredibly talented and any talent that I have, came from God first and her, second. It just amazes me because I have never before seen her skills on the computer. My sister emailed it to me to have printed and I so believed that it was designed from someone on Etsy. Mom also took the photo herself! I also find it totally amazing how perfectly these invitations go with our baby has never even seen it!

I'm also happy to announce that I have reached the end of my day job and am now staying home full-time to focus on my business and prepare for our baby and move. I thank God so much for this amazing opportunity - a life-long dream of mine. Also, to my uber-supportive husband for all of his love and support. He's the most amazing man EVER!


  1. beautiful! bedding and invites - both! congrats on staying home! what a blessing! you are going to enjoy it!

  2. i lOVE it. you are so talented.....really, amazing job!


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