Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Orange & Teal/Aqua

So, I'm totally unsure of what draws me to this color scheme because I don't generally like orange and I don't like teal/aqua, but together they are fabulous! Such as the diaper bag in this post. {I still have not completely decided between the two, btw}. Everyone who knows me says the yellow and gray is more me...which makes complete sense, because I am not an orange and teal person but I just really like it.

Speaking of this color combo, I am working with a bride on this invitation...

It will be backed with orange cardstock and tied with ribbon, then topped with a monogrammed "M" (name changed to protect privacy).

I just adore these colors together!

P.S. pics of baby bump coming soon!


  1. I agree it is a fabulous combo! Love those invites!

  2. can't wait to see the bump! i know you are adorable. i love that color combo. it screams spring and summer. oh, i don't check pockets either... i once washed a $75 check and ruined it. i guess that makes me the world's worst launderer.


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