Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Pregnancy & Food

Funny story. Today, I went to Subway. I always opt for the 2 cookies with my meal instead of chips. {If you haven't had their cookies, I recommend them!} For the first time ever, they gave me 3 cookies instead of 2. I didn't think much of it until dinner...

The husband and I met my brothers for dinner at Culvers. After dinner, I ordered a small concrete mixer. They gave me a medium. Coincidence? I think perhaps I am reaping the benefits of my baby! I mean, seriously, who can resist the beautiful little bump?! I would totally supersize the order of a glowing, expectant mother if I had the opportunity to provide that. It's kinda cool if that was really the intentions of both clerks today. Matt got a kick out of this and he likes to eat too. I won't be surprised if he goes about pointing out my growing belly to food providers in the future:)

I have every intention of showing you my bump but today I ate 1 too many cookies and a concrete mixer, a size too large:) Plus, I'm in dyer need of a hair cut and I want to provide a current pic. Soon, I promise.

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  1. you are so cute! aww the sweet benefits of being preggers. love it. enjoy every minute. i'll be anxiously awaiting the pic. i took my (almost) 29 week pic today... i usually have my hubs take amillion of them before i find one that's acceptable! i'm posting it tomorrow. : )


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